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A Clip-On Tuner You Must Have for Only $14

Clip On Guitar Tuner Reville GuitarIt’s time we do a review of a clip on guitar tuner.  We do a lot of de-tuning, re-tuning, fine-tuning – basically all your tuning.  For ages, I used a pedal tuner to prep guitars before they went out the door.  It worked well, but was inconvenient and sometimes didn’t provide the level of accuracy I needed for spot-on intonation.  If you’re a guitar tinkerer, you’re going to want one of these clip-on guitar tuners!

I had played guitar for over 10 years, and didn’t know what a clip-on tuner was.  Yes, I know, I must live in a box, but in case you’re not familiar with them, the clip-on tuner typically attaches to your headstock and uses a contact microphone to detect string pitch.

Clip on tuners range in price from $10-$75+.  Snark, my favorite tuner company, offers the SN1 Guitar Tuner for only $14.  I picked up one of these for my home workbench last week and wanted to do a quick review!

Snark SN1 Clip On TunerAccuracy:  5/5

Dead-on accurate, no questions about it.  It doesn’t seem to matter what position the tuner is in, or what type of headstock it is attached to.  I am getting consistent readings and all are on pitch, even with surrounding noise.

Speed: 4/5

One thing I noticed would be that it can be a bit sluggish in “catching up” as you turn a tuner.  To resolve this, I turn slowly once I reach my “target area.”  However, For the price, I’m not going to complain.

Readability: 5/5

Small screens and low contrast can make reading a screen at the end of your headstock a bit tough, especially if you’re performing.  The tuner uses multiple color cues, a large letter for the string, and has a pivoting head so that you can angle it how you like it.

Aesthetics: 5/5Side View of Clip On Tuner

As everything with guitar, the thing’s gotta look neat.  The blue is just about the coolest color I’ve seen a tuner come in.  It has nice curves, and…okay I’ll stop there.

Check it out on Amazon with free shipping.

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