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    The Best Guitar Setup Tool – The Fret Guru 2

    I discovered Fret Guru, a luthier tools manufacturer, when we first started our company.  For our post-production work, we needed quality guitar setup tools.  I stumbled across the owner’s videos on YouTube and realized that they were just like us – guitar enthusiasts who wanted to make their own guitar tools for other guitar lovers.  I exchanged a few emails with the the owner, who was a super nice guy, and decided to go with Fret Guru for many important tools because we wanted to support what they were doing. My first purchases were a Fret Guru leveling bar (I’ll review in a separate post) and a set up tool that…

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    A Clip-On Tuner You Must Have for Only $14

    It’s time we do a review of a clip on guitar tuner.  We do a lot of de-tuning, re-tuning, fine-tuning – basically all your tuning.  For ages, I used a pedal tuner to prep guitars before they went out the door.  It worked well, but was inconvenient and sometimes didn’t provide the level of accuracy I needed for spot-on intonation.  If you’re a guitar tinkerer, you’re going to want one of these clip-on guitar tuners! I had played guitar for over 10 years, and didn’t know what a clip-on tuner was.  Yes, I know, I must live in a box, but in case you’re not familiar with them, the clip-on…