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The Best Guitar Setup Tool – The Fret Guru 2

Fret Guru 2 Luthier ToolI discovered Fret Guru, a luthier tools manufacturer, when we first started our company.  For our post-production work, we needed quality guitar setup tools.  I stumbled across the owner’s videos on YouTube and realized that they were just like us – guitar enthusiasts who wanted to make their own guitar tools for other guitar lovers.  I exchanged a few emails with the the owner, who was a super nice guy, and decided to go with Fret Guru for many important tools because we wanted to support what they were doing.

My first purchases were a Fret Guru leveling bar (I’ll review in a separate post) and a set up tool that I didn’t think I would use all that much – the Fret Guru 2 Precision Setup and Evaluation Gauge.

Fret Guru 2 on Guitar
Turns out, the Fret Guru 2 has been my “go-to” set up tool on every single guitar that has gone out the door.  What does it do?  Just about everything:

  • Dead on accurate action height and relief – very easy to read. Put your feeler gauges away!
  • Fret height and fret wear gauge down to the .005”.
  • Fret rocker – each side is dead on straight, so you can even use it to check if frets are level.
  • Nut slot height – An incredibly fine corner lets you check your nut slot height while filing. You don’t have to put the string back in, tune it up, re-check, de-tune, etc.
  • Precise measuring – need to check a nut width or anything else? Built in mm and inches…

My primary use for this tool is for setting relief and action height.  It’s a very quick and easy to read reference point.  I do own a set of feeler gauges, but don’t pull them out much anymore as the Fret Guru 2 does just about everything I need.  From time to time, we use the nut slot addition, which is handy and, genius in my opinion.

Action Height Guitar Tool

As you can see, mine has some wear over the years – but only surface scratches.  It has held up to thousands of guitars.  The overall build is razor accurate and extremely durable.  No question there.

Everything on my workbench has a spot, except for this tool.  It goes in the middle of my workspace because I use it almost the entire time I’m prepping a guitar!

See how many 5 star reviews this tool has!

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