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Top 10 Guitar Gear Deals on Amazon – November 2018

If you’re like us here at Reville, you’re always looking for good deals on the latest guitar gear.  That’s one of the reasons why we started a guitar brand that offers great guitars at affordable prices.  But there’s a whole world of guitar gear out there, and if you’re not careful, you can break the bank pretty fast!  We’ve spent a lot of time scouring Amazon to to find the best deals on guitar gear.  We’ve put together our top 10 Amazon Prime deals for guitarists to help you out.  All prices mentioned are at the time of the article (November 2018).  Let’s begin!

1. The Snark SN5x Clip On Tuner

This awesome little guitar tuner is only $8.79 and is the #1 best seller on Amazon’s top 100 list for musical instruments and accessories!  We did a full review just a few days ago on the SN1, which is almost $14.00, so it’s pretty amazing what you can find at about half the price.  I’m a big fan of Snark and in my opinion, they’ve taken the tuner world by storm.  Their tuners work wonders, are very affordable, and they have so many options to choose from.  I have both one of their clip on tuners, as well as a pedal tuner for my board.  My favorite thing about the clip on tuner is that there is nothing to plug into – the contact microphone does all the work with 100% accuracy, even in a noisy band room.

2.  The Blue Snowball iCe Condenser Microphone

Number two on our list of deals on guitar gear allows you to take your jam room recording to the next level.  It’s a USB microphone, so no interface needed – just plug straight into your computer.  Whether you’re recording some acoustic guitar, micing an amp, or recording vocals, this little microphone will give you quite an improvement in sound quality compared to your built in microphone or other USB mics.  Check out the low price on this bad boy!

One of my favorite things to do is record band practice.  With this little guy, you can just put it in the middle of the room and let it run.  No, it won’t be an album ready to publish, but you’ll have good content to review and critique with your bandmates.

3.  The On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand

A guitarist can never have enough guitar stands.  I remember paying $25ish each for my tripod stands, which I much prefer to the A-frame stands…simply for the extra security.  But apparently I paid too much!  This guitar stand is currently only $12.95 with free shipping via Amazon Prime.  It’s a guitar stand, so there’s not much to be said other than it is sturdy and holds a guitar like it should, and this is a great deal!

4.  The String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger 

Probably the most popular guitar hanger on the market, the String Swing has over 2400 reviews.  There are so many awesome design elements that went into this guitar hanger:

  • It has a deep cradle, so your guitar won’t slip out if improperly left on the hanger – it falls back into place.
  • The cradle arms are covered with soft microfiber foam, rather than rubber.  Rubber can “melt” the finish on lacquer guitars through prolonged contact, so your guitar’s finish will be protected with this design.
  • Enough clearance for electric, and bulkier acoustic guitars
  • Not to mention, a sweet look!

These are only $12.80/ea right now with free shipping for prime members.

5.  The Behringer Black Recording Interface

If you’re just starting to getting into home recording, this Behringer Black interface is a great place to start for only $29.99.  That’s crazy cheap!  I remember when I was walking through Guitar Center in middle school – entry level USB interfaces were 10x this price.  It’s a USB interface with a single channel – perfect for micing an amp into recording software like Mixcraft.  Plug your headphones in for a direct monitor.  It’s simple, but will get you on your way to exploring home recording on the cheap!

6.  12 Pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges 1″ X 12″ X 12″

 This is a crazy deal!  Check out the price on this pack of 12 studio foam wedges, because if I tell you, you won’t believe me.  Not only will these 1 ft square acoustic studio foam blocks help minimize sound, but they look really cool tool – a great decoration for the jam room.

7.  Dunlop Pick Sampler

At $2.99, this Dunlop Pick Sampler is a perfect way to try out new picks.  My primary pick is the Dunlop Tortex Jazz Pick…I put them on a Christmas list one year by accident, as I had historically used the standard Tortex picks with the rounded end.  At first, I was disappointed, but then I fell in love.  I’ve never looked back, and perhaps if I had tried one of these samplers, I would have found them much sooner!  Dunlop has discounted these heavily to get you to try your picks.  Most packs of 12 are around $6.

8.  ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case

This guitar case is the Reville pick for the Q90, RPT series, LX-19 series, and more.  It’s affordable, versatile, and well made.  I’m a big fan of how it can fit some many different body shapes securely.  There are almost 1,000 reviews of this guitar case, mostly positive.  A few people had issues with fit, but the manufacturer posts an image of the dimensions so that you can check before you buy.


9.  GLS Audio 20 Ft Tweed Guitar Cable

Love me some tweed!  These GLS cables have fantastic reviews, are high quality, and the 20 ft length is my minimum for a rehearsal.  You might think, sure, it’s just a cable – but check out some of the reviews.  For those searching for a clean signal and clear tone, cables do make a difference.  The longer the cable, the more issues that can be caused, so make sure you’re using a high quality cable like this one.

10.  Guitar Savers Strap Locks

The last item on our list of deals on guitar gear is pretty simple, but incredible effective.  You get 3 sets for $5.49  That’s a deal!  I remember the first set of strap locks I purchased were over $20.00.  They also weren’t that easy to install.  These are a piece of cake (use OEM screws – no swapping), and at this price, there is no excuse to drop your guitar because you couldn’t shell out a couple bucks!

My favorites on this list are the Acoustic Foam, and Blue Snowball.  Have you guys seen any good deals lately?  Post in the comments below!

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